Family Portrait Autumn Leaves

It may be cliché, but home truly is where the heart is. That’s why I specialize in photographing my clients in their own homes. I want to share with you six reasons why it’s a great idea to photograph your family portrait session inside your home.

1. The comfort of your own home

When I meet you in your home, you have a home-field advantage. Right away, everyone is more comfortable. There’s no need to get used to a photography studio! Your children are in their space. Since they are already comfortable and at ease, their natural expressions and characteristics can shine.

2. It suits your busy lifestyle

I come to you; you don’t need to take time out of your busy day to travel to a studio. The portrait session is done at your home, and then I also return a week later for you to see your portraits. At this time, you can choose which portrait(s) you’d like to purchase for your home. No pressure. Only choose those portraits that take your breath away!

3. You have what you need right there

You can easily and comfortably grab a snack, change outfits, use the restroom. If the kids need a little break to run around and discharge some energy, that’s easy to do, without the stress of everything being public

4. Cherish the memories of home

You’ve taken so much time and care to build your house into a loving and beautiful place. Your home should be celebrated! Within those walls, precious memories are built. Plus, you’ve spent time and money decorating your home as well! Capturing your home in a family photo session allows you to truly celebrate and document the home you love.

5. Create priceless family heirlooms

Your children will LOVE these photos when they’re older! Professionally photographing your children in your home gives them beautiful photos to look back on when they are older, and even to share with their own children and grandchildren. Memories of the homes we grow up in can fade over the years, so having professional portraits can preserve those memories. When printed and beautifully framed, those memories become heirlooms.

Family Portrait Photography in your home

To learn more about scheduling an in-home family portrait session, please contact me!

I would love to hear from you and to get to know your family!