About Scott Caster

Scott Caster New Jersey Premier Family Portrait PhotographerHello. My name is Scott Caster.

Anyone can “take” a picture. But very few of us can actually “make” a portrait.

To me, it’s not just another picture on another wall. Instead, it’s a portrait of what really counts in our lives! Yes, our family! And so, it belongs over our sofa or fireplace as a piece of valuable wall décor.

Created in an artistic, sensitive style, and sized appropriately for your wall space, a family portrait can be just the right accent… and a personal one, at that. So, take down the painting of the Grand Canyon that you got from the mall. Ten thousand copies of it exist all over the country. Can it really be that special to you?

My mission is to create family portraiture that makes an impact and a difference. I’m talking about portraits that warm the heart and maybe even create tears of joy! I realize I’ve only spoken about my dream for your portrait. Well, don’t worry. You, the portrait client, are involved in the dreaming and pre-design process of every portrait session. I promise that after a little bit of time with me, you, too, will be thinking as I do…that this will be the portrait of a lifetime!

One more thing. Maybe ninety percent of quality photography originates from making subjects feel comfortable and at ease. With that in mind, please be confident that you’ll have a positive and pleasant experience here at the studio. We may even have a little fun!!